Hello Marius,

The following error occurred for your email server,XXXXX:
Your email server has been blacklisted by APEWS Level 2.  For more info go to: https://www.apews.org – This means your email server is on a major block list.  A significant percentage of your emails will not be delivered due to this.

This alert was sent as a sample of our 1stWarning monitoring service for existing HitsLink clients.  No further alerts will be sent.

1stWarning is our web service that monitors sites for downtime, block listings, and other problems and alerts you when there is a problem.

For more information, go to https://www.1stwarning.com?source=checker

Te folosesti de un site binecunoscut pentru a spune ca ai o problema la un anumit server de mail. Omul cade in plasa si cumpara serviciul!

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p.s: e SPAM ca eu nu m-am inscris pe acel site… probabil un site o vandut baza de date de emailuri ca nu ar fi avut de unde sa cunoasca si numele meu.

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